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    What our patients say about us

    in Mannheim auf jameda
    in Mannheim auf jameda
    in Mannheim auf jameda
    schon öfter bei Dr. Freter
    "I have seen Dr. Freter many times. For me, he is simply the best dentist I have ever had. I am happy to give him an unreserved recommendation. If you are someone that is generally nervous when seeing a dentist, you are in good hands here."
    Dr. Freter ist bereit Fragen zu beantworten
    "Dr. Freter is always willing to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. He is also happy to discuss possible alternatives and does not leave his patients until he is completely satisfied with the work performed. This helps patients relax and feel calm. He is very approachable for children and demonstrates that he also takes the needs of young patients very seriously with his sensitive approach. I am more than happy to recommend him to patients of all ages."
    "Due to gum disease, I urgently needed to see a dentist at the start of the year. I was able to get an appointment very quickly. The practice is really clean and has the latest equipment. Mr. Freter took plenty of time to explain everything to me. He really knows his stuff. He and his colleagues are very friendly and their calm, relaxed manner made for a pleasant treatment. I am more than happy to recommend them. I am also delighted to have found a dentist I can really trust and rely on."
    Seit 20 Jahren
    "We have been going to the Freter dental practice for 20 years and have always been very satisfied. We have also recommended the practice to our employees and friends, all of whom have been happy and given positive feedback. Although there is sometimes a co-payment, this is money well spent. We make regular appointments for tooth cleaning and have always been very pleased with the service received. The atmosphere in the practice is relaxed and welcoming, so we feel in good hands. We are always happy to return."
    Seit vielen Jahren
    "(…) I have been a patient of Dr. Freter for many years. We now even take the whole family. Before we moved house and I started seeing Dr. Freter, I used to panic before every visit to the dentist. (…) My children are completely calm when attending their check-up appointments. They are also more than happy for me to wait outside while they are being treated. I have been having my teeth cleaned professionally at the practice for years and am really impressed by the service offered. In other words, if you are looking for stress-free, top level dental care, this is the right place."
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