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Aesthetic dentistry for a confident smile

At the Freter dental practice in Mannheim, we focus not only on keeping your whole mouth healthy, but also on making your teeth look more attractive. In fact, we can achieve impressive results with fairly minor measures, such as tooth bleaching, veneers, or inlays – for a confident smile and a zest for life.

Prior to treatment, we analyze the proportions of your mouth, teeth, and face. We then employ modern methods to create natural looking solutions. For example, we can close gaps discreetly and apply high-grade ceramic veneers to damaged teeth. Professional bleaching is used to give gray, discolored teeth a new white glow. In all of these treatments, we always ensure that the aesthetic results are in line with your wishes and your natural appearance.

Professional tooth cleaning for spotlessly clean teeth

Not all interstices and corners in the mouth can be reached with daily oral hygiene practices. These areas then provide bacteria with fertile ground, which can lead to tooth damage, gingivitis, and even bone loss. Regular professional tooth cleaning at the Freter dental practice offers effective protection from this. During this procedure, our specially trained staff thoroughly clean every single tooth. Any scale and discolorations are removed as completely as possible here. Treat yourself to a clean and fresh feeling in your mouth.

If you are suffering from tooth decay and require a filling, we have only one maxim: just white. The Freter dental practice does not use any kind of amalgam. Instead, we use only white, body-neutral, and durable ceramic or composite fillings. All materials are of high quality and well tolerated. You can rely on us to keep your teeth looking and feeling great.

Substantial damage to your teeth not only has potential to compromise the function and health of your bite, it can also impair your quality of life quite significantly.We know all about this. So we are keen to give you your quality of life back by reconstructing your sensitive chewing apparatus as naturally as possible from both an aesthetic and functional perspective – with crowns, bridges, or prostheses.

Dental implants are simply the best way to replace missing teeth. Their function and aesthetics offer you a secure, reliable, and convenient method for restoring your original appearance almost perfectly following the loss of a tooth.

A complex root canal treatment is often the last resort when trying to save an inflamed tooth from extraction. The Freter dental practice in Mannheim specializes in endodontics and employs a highly efficient dental microscope for root canal treatments of this kind. Jörg Freter has completed numerous national and international training courses and was certified as a specialist in endodontics in 2007 during an interdisciplinary cooperation with Penn University (USA). We have been saving inflamed teeth in this way for many years – including patients referred from colleagues or other practices.

Periodontitis is a widespread oral inflammatory disorder that causes gum bleeding, bad breath, and pain. It is triggered by bacteria that multiply in difficult-to-reach interdental spaces and gingival pockets. Without treatment, it can lead to gum recession, bone loss, and even loss of teeth. As such, we check the condition of the gums in all of our patients, which allows us to react quickly if we see any initial signs of gingivitis. It is therefore a good idea to have your oral health checked regularly.

Malpositioned teeth represent an annoyance for many people. In some cases, they motivate people to cover their mouth or even prevent them from smiling at all. We use transparent splints to gently correct malpositioned teeth and thereby help you achieve a happy and healthy smile – without the need for retainers. Skilled experts produce a perfectly tailored, individual splint for you here. Crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, as well as overbites and underbites quickly become a thing of the past. This then leaves you to smile freely without any worries.

Professional tooth whitening gives you a particularly radiant smile. However, tooth discolorations can have various causes. They are not always caused by drinking coffee, tea, or red wine. Some people have tooth discolorations from birth, while certain medications can also contribute to this. Ultimately, teeth also start to darken as we age. Only after determining the reasons do we start professional bleaching at the Freter dental practice in Mannheim – risk-free and gentle.

Symptoms such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, tinnitus, and difficulty swallowing can all potentially be traced back to tooth grinding or mandibular misalignments. We therefore prefer not to analyze your teeth in isolation, but rather in free interaction with the mandibular joint, the musculoskeletal system, and your posture. The Freter dental practice offers you individual consultations, discussing integrative treatment options with you and working closely with both physiotherapists and orthopedists.

Grinding your teeth during the night can cause serious health issues, not only of the teeth but also the mandibular joint. A mandibular joint and masticatory muscle dysfunction of this kind often leads to tension around the neck area, back pain, headaches, or tinnitus. We use individual guards for snoring and tooth grinding, as well as therapeutic splints to help you enjoy a good night of restful sleep.

What our patients say about us

in Mannheim auf jameda
in Mannheim auf jameda
in Mannheim auf jameda
schon öfter bei Dr. Freter
"I have seen Dr. Freter many times. For me, he is simply the best dentist I have ever had. I am happy to give him an unreserved recommendation. If you are someone that is generally nervous when seeing a dentist, you are in good hands here."
Dr. Freter ist bereit Fragen zu beantworten
"Dr. Freter is always willing to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. He is also happy to discuss possible alternatives and does not leave his patients until he is completely satisfied with the work performed. This helps patients relax and feel calm. He is very approachable for children and demonstrates that he also takes the needs of young patients very seriously with his sensitive approach. I am more than happy to recommend him to patients of all ages."
"Due to gum disease, I urgently needed to see a dentist at the start of the year. I was able to get an appointment very quickly. The practice is really clean and has the latest equipment. Mr. Freter took plenty of time to explain everything to me. He really knows his stuff. He and his colleagues are very friendly and their calm, relaxed manner made for a pleasant treatment. I am more than happy to recommend them. I am also delighted to have found a dentist I can really trust and rely on."
Seit 20 Jahren
"We have been going to the Freter dental practice for 20 years and have always been very satisfied. We have also recommended the practice to our employees and friends, all of whom have been happy and given positive feedback. Although there is sometimes a co-payment, this is money well spent. We make regular appointments for tooth cleaning and have always been very pleased with the service received. The atmosphere in the practice is relaxed and welcoming, so we feel in good hands. We are always happy to return."
Seit vielen Jahren
"(…) I have been a patient of Dr. Freter for many years. We now even take the whole family. Before we moved house and I started seeing Dr. Freter, I used to panic before every visit to the dentist. (…) My children are completely calm when attending their check-up appointments. They are also more than happy for me to wait outside while they are being treated. I have been having my teeth cleaned professionally at the practice for years and am really impressed by the service offered. In other words, if you are looking for stress-free, top level dental care, this is the right place."
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